MyGoals for Employment Success: A Promising Coaching Model

In this six-minute video, Gloriela Iguina-Colón, a research analyst in MDRC’s Economic Mobility, Housing, and Communities policy area, describes MyGoals for Employment Success, an innovative employment coaching program intended to help recipients of federal housing subsidies who are not employed find work, build careers, and advance toward greater self-sufficiency. 

Informed by behavioral psychology, MyGoals focuses on supporting participants as they set and accomplish goals that are meaningful to them in four domains—education and training, financial management, personal well-being, and family well-being.

MDRC would like to thank Dr. Richard “Dick” Guare and Colin Guare for co-developing this innovative model and supporting implementation and training with MyGoals coaches. We would also like to thank the staff of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and Houston Housing Authority who made this program possible—especially the coaches Gloriela worked most closely with in Houston: Carla Ferguson, Elisha Autrey, Jennifer Spencer, Matt Delayee, Roger Cardenas, Regina Thomas-Garcia, Shirley McGee, and Zainab Ihsan.