Natasha Piatnitskaia
Research Associate, Economic Mobility, Housing, and Communities

Piatnitskaia has 18 years of experience processing and analyzing administrative records, survey data, and other data sets for experimental program evaluations. She works as a lead data processing and data manager for the Conditional Cash Transfer project, the Social Innovation Fund initiative being conducted with the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. Prior to this she was lead data-processing programmer and data manager for the Accelerated Benefits, SaveUSA, and Family Rewards projects. She also was a data manager on the Employment Retention and Advancement project. As part of MDRC’s Data Management Initiative, Piatnitskaia designed sets of macros to process multiple administrative data sources, and created training materials and held training sessions on these tools. In the past she has worked on MDRC projects including Parents’ Fair Share, JOBS, Urban Change, and Jobs-Plus. Piatnitskaia received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Kirov University of St. Petersburg, Russia.