Senior Associate, Youth Development, Criminal Justice, and Employment

Baird has extensive experience at the state level in site development and evaluation start-up, and in administering state-run social service programs, primarily employment programs that serve people with disabilities. Currently he manages sites for MDRC’s Behavioral Interventions to Advance Self-Sufficiency (BIAS) project, and acts as an evaluation lead for MDRC’s TANF/SSI project. Baird is also the project director for the PGAP for Veterans project, providing overall project management for that effort. In earlier work at MDRC, Baird managed two sites for the Youth Transition Demonstration and directed the employment services portions of the Accelerated Benefits project, which provided health care and employment supports to new Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries. Prior to joining MDRC, Baird worked at the state level for 12 years, helping to manage a variety of health and employment programs aimed at improving functioning and independence for people with disabilities. He also was deeply involved in federal and state legislation as a policy consultant to Senator Jim Jeffords (VT).