Applied Behavioral Coalition (ABC)


The Center for Applied Behavioral Science (CABS) at MDRC is excited to launch the Applied Behavioral Coalition (ABC) project, which partners with nonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable and at-risk populations in the United States. ABC’s goal is to build each organization’s foundation in behavioral science and human-centered design principles. Leaders, staff members, and participants at each organization will engage in a collaborative investigation to build a shared understanding of the program’s unique context. All solutions will be grounded in the needs and perspectives of the people who receive services. ABC will support the selected partners in a process of continual improvement that may lead to changes in recruitment, participation, engagement, and retention. 

One-page project description.

Agenda, Scope, and Goals

The scope of each partnership responds to the needs of nonprofit organizations that are selected as part of the initiative. CABS and each organization will select a challenge together and explore it using specific approaches that focus on participants’ experiences in the program. ABC will identify roadblocks that inhibit participants and programs from reaching their goals and use the findings of the research investigation to create and evaluate tailored solutions.