Erick Alonzo
Research Assistant, Postsecondary Education

Alonzo works in MDRC’s Postsecondary Education policy area, where he focuses on evaluations of comprehensive student support programs aimed at improving community college persistence and graduation rates. Prior to joining MDRC in 2018, Alonzo held an undergraduate public policy fellowship in the Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) program as well as two research fellowships at John Jay College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political economy.

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      Insights from MDRC’s 2020 Gueron Scholars Program

      November, 2020

      Can hands-on internships be successfully converted into all-virtual programs in the age of COVID-19? Here are some lessons that MDRC learned when it decided to transform its summer internship into a virtual learning opportunity, plus tips for organizations considering such an approach.


      An Independent Evaluation of the National Study of Learning Mindsets

      November, 2019
      Pei Zhu, Ivonne Garcia, Kate Boxer, Sidhant Wadhera, Erick Alonzo

      One type of intervention to help students navigate the tricky transition to ninth grade communicates to them that their brains can grow “stronger.” This evaluation of one such intervention finds that it changed students’ beliefs and attitudes and produced impacts on their average academic performance.

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      The transition into high school is a volatile time for adolescents and a precarious point in the course of their education. Students who successfully navigate this transition and pass their ninth-grade classes are far more likely to graduate from high school with their peers and attend college than those who fail courses in the ninth grade.

      The growing...