Research Associate, Economic Mobility, Housing, and Communities

Dalporto supports MDRC’s career and technical education projects, bringing her experience as both a qualitative researcher and operations specialist to that work. She currently leads the selection of community colleges for the New World of Work study, an examination of the 21st-century skills program of that name, and works in many capacities for the CareerWise Colorado study, which is exploring the implementation of an intensive apprenticeship program. Dalporto is also a site liaison for the MyGoals program, which delivers employment coaching informed by behavioral psychology (specifically findings related to executive functioning).

Previous projects include the WorkAdvance program, a career advancement demonstration of a sector-focused training model for adults, and Project Rise, an internship program for young adults attending high school equivalency classes. Dalporto holds a BA from Oberlin College and an MA in education from Hunter College. Before joining MDRC, Dalporto was a Fulbright grantee in Argentina and taught high school English in New York City.