JoAnn Hsueh
Director, Family Well-Being and Children’s Development

Hsueh, who joined MDRC in 2004, is the Director of the Family Well-Being and Children’s Development Policy Area. Hsueh has spent her career conducting research and evaluations at the intersection of social, economic, and educational policies and practices that aim to improve outcomes for low-income adults, families, and children. Her research has focused on strengthening evidence-based policy and practice in the areas of early care and education, Early Head Start, Head Start, and preschool programming; two-generational approaches with the dual focus of enhancing children’s outcomes and parental employment, educational, and economic self-sufficiency outcomes; family-focused and parenting interventions aimed at strengthening the nature of family interactions among mothers, fathers, and their children; and employment-based antipoverty and welfare programming.

She currently is the director and principal investigator of several projects that seek to answer four fundamental questions central to delivering effective early care and education and preschool programming at scale:

  • What are effective combinations of curricula, professional development, and other supports in early care and education and preschool settings that strengthen quality and maximize improvements for child outcomes?

  • What are core instructional practices and aspects of children’s learning experiences and opportunities in classrooms that are critical to maximizing positive impacts on children’s development across a broad range of outcomes?

  • How do we sustain positive outcomes for children as they transition from early care and education and preschool to elementary grades and beyond?

  • For whom and under what circumstances are different strategies and supports in early care and education more or less effective for supporting children’s gains?

Hsueh received her Ph.D. in developmental and community psychology from New York University.