Kate Gualtieri
Director of Strategy

Gualtieri has over a decade’s experience in public policy research and management.  She plays a key leadership role in strategic initiatives dedicated to strengthening MDRC’s contributions to evidence-based policy and practice, and codirects MDRC’s work with the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s youth-focused Social Innovation Fund project. Additionally, Gualtieri plays an organization-wide role in the Quality Assurance and Risk Management program; staff deployment; development of systems and tools to support and improve project management; and support, guidance, and training for project directors across MDRC. Prior to joining MDRC, Gualtieri worked as an ethnographer for Public/Private Ventures’ Fathers at Work evaluation and served as a co-principal investigator on the Baltimore Parenthood Study. She has taught undergraduate courses at New York University in Sociology of the Family, Sociology of Sex and Gender, and Political Sociology. She has a BA in sociology from Skidmore College and has completed doctoral courses in sociology at New York University.