Michelle S. Manno
Senior Associate, Youth Development, Criminal Justice, and Employment

Manno works primarily as an implementation researcher for several of MDRC’s evaluations of policies and programs serving populations with barriers to employment, particularly “disconnected” young adults (those who are neither employed nor in school). She is responsible for developing and monitoring implementation research procedures and interview protocols, conducting site visits, and conducting analyses of implementation findings. Her current work includes evaluations of the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) Ohio Demonstration, which seeks to determine whether the City University of New York (CUNY) ASAP can be successfully replicated in Ohio, and Building Bridges and Bonds, a demonstration to test the effectiveness of strategies to support the parenting and coparenting skills and advance the employment of low-income fathers engaged in Responsible Fatherhood programs.  She recently completed an implementation study of Project Rise, an educational and employment program for low-income, disconnected young people developed by New York City’s Center for Economic Opportunity. Manno has coauthored a number of reports and presented research results to policy analysts. She began her career as a researcher for the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. She holds a BA and an MS in sociology.