Nicole Morris
Research Associate, Data Collection Unit

Morris supports MDRC teams across policy areas, focusing on practical guidance and cost-efficient solutions to ensure accurate and reliable survey data. Her experience includes survey design and questionnaire development, including cognitive interviewing. She facilitates the accurate translation of survey materials by certified translators and oversees relationships between survey subcontractors and project teams, ensuring that the data meet MDRC’s high quality standards while observing timeline and budget constraints. She also serves as a site support liaison to help ensure successful partnerships with schools, employment agencies, and health care programs participating in MDRC studies. In addition to her direct project experience, Morris has helped MDRC make better use of technology, assisting with the redesign of the company’s intranet site and transitioning the data collection unit to centralized online systems. Her current project work includes The XQ ProjectThe Family Self-Sufficiency Program Evaluation, and Building Evidence on Employment Strategies for Low-Income Families (BEES). Prior to joining MDRC, Morris worked at human service agencies for individuals with developmental disabilities. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from SUNY Albany and has a master’s in applied social research from CUNY Queens College.