Jonny Poilpre
Jonny Poilpré
Research and Video Production Analyst
Youth Development, Criminal Justice, and Employment

Poilpre splits his time between research and communications roles at MDRC. As an analyst in the Youth, Criminal Justice, and Education policy area, his work has included operations, implementation research, and communications for projects such as The Testing Identified Elements for Success in Fatherhood Programs (Fatherhood TIES), Strengthening the Implementation of Responsible Fatherhood Programs (SIRF), and Los Angeles County Reentry Integrated Services Project (LA CRISP). He also produces videos and podcasts for MDRC's Communications Department in collaboration with research teams across the organization. Before joining MDRC, he worked in film production and nonprofit arts education. Poilpre holds a bachelor's degree in economic sociology with a methodological focus in documentary film from the University of Chicago.



How Fatherhood Programs Used Learning Cycles in Efforts to Improve Participation Outcomes